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Best practice for your content marketing

January 20, 2020
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The trend is clear. People continue to evolve and find a way to seal themselves off from it for each new type of advertising. There are commercials on TV, no one looks at them anymore. In the beginning, advertising in social media was a big revenue generator. But now, even there, consumers are deliberately fading out the ads or are no longer so easily seduced into buying by the recommendations of their friends. It's a constant race for attention, because there's nothing people hate more than being manipulated or having advertising thrown directly in their face. One of the few methods that still work is content marketing.

Advantages of Content Marketing

If a beggar simply walks through the streets, he does not get as much as a musician who plays his instrument. The reason is that we humans instinctively don't like to give without receiving something in return. No matter how small the amount is. Advertising is similar in some ways. We don't get anything, but we're supposed to spend money. Besides, there is always a certain skepticism when a company wants money from us. Too often we have seen advertising promises not kept.

In content marketing, these defensive instincts are deliberately weakened by not blindly sprinkling consumers, but by giving them the choice and letting them come to them voluntarily.

The principle is simple: a company creates content that is relevant to the target group and offers added value. Added value can mean anything: imparting knowledge, the latest news on a topic, entertainment, etc. With the help of the search engine or via social media, potential customers get to the channel. So basically they already have an interest in buying the topic. As soon as the target group is interested in the content, it doesn't take long before purchases are made.

The bottom line is that classical advertising is usually perceived as a nuisance and triggers defensive reflexes. Content marketing on the other hand serves an already existing interest. If the content is good, consumers are also willing to spend money.

Tips for your content marketing

The experts from the Content Marketing Agency Zurich emphasize that this system works best when the content is well coordinated. The design, logos and other distinctive features of pages, channels, videos, images and texts must have a recognition value that is achieved through uniformity.

One method for this is, for example, the uniform structure of test reports and product presentations:

  • Introduction
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Recommendation for action

Interested readers or viewers should always know where they can find which information in their content. Then they don't have to search for long, but can find out the things that are important to them. Such convenience improves the user experience and increases conversion.