Cushions filled with wood of Austrian Stone Pine

February 17, 2020

Advert - My parents are now retired and are enjoying it to the fullest. Holidays on Mallorca, also sometimes in the USA or the British Isles. But where they spend most of their time is in beautiful Austria. The country has so much to offer, you don't have to go far away. They always bring me and my family something from their travels. Mostly sweets or typical souvenirs from the area. This time they brought me a pillow with shavings from a factory near their holiday resort in Austria. At first I was a bit surprised, it was just a pillowcase made of cotton with wood shavings. But the pillow was something special, they told me.

The shavings are Austrian stone pine wood. I'm not the tree expert now (I never had much to do with biology, I'm more of a technophile), so I did some research. The Austrian stone pine wood comes from the Austrian stone pine, which is very common in the alpine region. The scent of this wood gives off a particularly pleasant aroma. Depending on the source, the wood is said to have various positive characteristics. Above all, the relaxing effect on humans is especially emphasized. Sleep becomes deeper, the body recovers better and you wake up rested and full of energy.

At first I thought that was nonsense. I don't think much of mystical properties that are said to be attributed to various objects. And just because something has been done this way since the beginning of time, it is no proof that people were right about it in the past.

But there is a comprehensible explanation for the positive effect of Austrian stone pine wood: there are oils in the wood, the needles and resin. These escape into the air and are absorbed by humans via the respiratory tract.

To get back to the Austrian stone pine cushion These are filled with the shavings of the Austrian stone pine. Since shavings have a larger surface than a compact piece of wood, the aroma is released to a particularly strong degree.

Anyway, I accepted the gift with thanks, filled the shavings into the pillowcase myself and put them into my bed. Making Austrian pine cushions yourself is a good idea, then you know what is in the cushion because you have filled it yourself. It is also very easy to make.

I haven't noticed any miracle effect yet, but that could also be because I already have a good and solid sleep anyway. However, the smell is very pleasant and welcomes me when I wake up in the morning.

Pine cushions cost little and one should try it once, especially if one has problems to get some rest after a strenuous everyday life.