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Healthy recipes for every day

December 19, 2019
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For me, cooking was initially just a means to an end, to get fed somehow. Most of the time we only had to cook on the weekends anyway, because we were at work during the week and were supplied by a canteen there. Three reasons led to the fact that with time I became more interested in healthy food and now I try to bring more variety into our lives.

The new organic canteen

When I started in my job, we had a canteen where we had typical mass-production food: chips or wheat pasta, sauces from a bag then meat. Later on, an additional building was erected where only organic delicatessen was served. There was food and ingredients that I had nothing to do with before: pumpkin, fish, salmon lasagna, venison goulash, quinoa, saffron noodles, fried goat cheese and whatever else. Incredibly many things - every day. For me, it's a whole new world of luxury dining at affordable prices. From that day on, I wanted to try out all the food there is in the world. Because it was clear to me that I had to rely on good food with lots of vitamins for my health in the long term. That was the first impulse to change things.

The birth of our child

As mentioned: during the week at work great feasts, on the weekends mainly junk food. Because enjoying is one thing, but preparing food yourself is something completely different. Most good things require too much effort for my taste and I just didn't feel like it. That's why there was always ham noodles, spaghetti or pizza at home. You could call it cooking for idiots.

But when our little boy was born and started to eat solid food, we knew that we had to move. Since then we have expanded our repertoire. Foodbloggers like DeliKatka and a few others have helped us with this. On such sites we regularly looked for new recipes to give the little one an understanding of the largest possible repertoire of flavours and vegetables.

I find something like that immensely important. After all, children's tastes are formed relatively early on. I didn't want him to be brought up with 2 or 3 different dishes that he got at home because his parents are too lazy to cook. It should be a little bit more. So we looked around for dishes that we untalented cooks could copy. And indeed, there are always varied, healthy recipes on the web that are relatively easy to copy. We chose some of them and made good experiences. One that we really liked was noodles with scampi - shown here in the picture:

This dish tastes so unbelievably good, but the ingredients are very easy to make. In this way we have succeeded in making our dwarf enthusiastic about sea animals. I wouldn't talk about cooking with passion for me yet, but the joy of it has grown a lot.

The Gamechangers on Netflix

The next major upheaval was triggered by the movie "The Gamechangers" on Netflix at my place. It's about a tough Ultimate Fighter dealing with nutrition due to an injury. During his research he finds out that research on the bones of the Roman gladiators has shown that these bear-strong guys obviously ate vegetarian food. Only once or twice a week there were eggs or cheese. Based on this information, he starts looking for vegan athletes and finds that vegetarians and vegans achieve very good results in competitive sports. And that, contrary to popular belief in traditional medical theories.

Quintessence of this documentation is to show the negative effects of animal proteins on the human body. A lot of information from the film has been extraordinarily insightful. Above all, I was not aware that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the king of bodybuilding, himself switched to a purely vegetable diet some time ago. If you look at his muscle mountains, then this news came really unexpected.

Even if I cannot believe everything that was said there without reservation. After all, Japan is home to the oldest people in the world and their diet contains fish and poultry etc. So animal proteins can't be quite as deadly as reported in the film. In addition, there are bacterial cultures in dairy products which can be very important for the intestinal flora. Nevertheless, the matter made me think about it and I have been trying to avoid meat in our diet at home ever since.