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How to cure athlete's foot

December 21, 2019
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Recently I had an interesting conversation with a friend with whom I do a lot of sports. He got athlete's foot some time ago. Since he did not really care about it, it finally spread to the toenail. In this case one speaks of nail fungus. The athlete's foot fungus is quite common especially among athletes. They sweat in their sports shoes and showers are also a place where the athlete's foot fungus likes to spread.

The nail fungus is the even more unpleasant variant, because the infestation is in a place that is difficult to reach by external means (ointments).

Nail fungus - the causes

The nail fungus is particularly common among athletes. The humid climate in the shoes favours the growth of the fungus. Due to injuries caused by sports, the fungus can penetrate the deeper skin layers.

In addition, many athletes spend time in community changing rooms and community showers. Moisture and warmth are the ideal place for fungi and, incidentally, also for germs and bacteria.

Overwork, poor nutrition, etc. weaken the immune system and additionally promote fungal infestation.

Nail fungus - The treatment

Who would like to treat nail fungus has different possibilities. Basically, one can say that a fungal treatment is very lengthy. Usually months pass by until a final cure is achieved. However, the procedure is not complicated, you just have to stay disciplined. If you become careless or stop the treatment too early, the game usually starts all over again.

A good strategy is to treat until the entire nail has grown back and no more affected areas are visible.

Normally, means of application are used, but recently, the use of lasers has been tested. However, sufficient studies to substantiate a mode of action are still missing.

In any case a nail fungus should be treated. It is not only annoying (discoloration of the nail, bad smell, brittle and falling nails), but can also spread further to other, not yet affected nails.

Nail fungus - the prevention

The best way to treat a nail fungus is not to let it develop in the first place. Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself:

  • If you tend to sweaty feet, wear open shoes as often as possible, preferably walking barefoot.
  • Always use bath slippers when you are in public baths, changing rooms, etc.
  • Dry your feet thoroughly after showering and bathing. Also remember the space between your toes.