How to find a good physiotherapist

March 10, 2020

If you have to see a physiotherapist, you usually have pain or at least a health problem that requires treatment. And when it comes to health, quality is essential. Therefore, you should never leave the search to chance, but proceed systematically.

Physiotherapist search - how to finde a good expert?

If you are looking for a therapist, it takes more than a quick Google search. Many people simply enter the keyword and their city. For example: Physiotherapy Trudering. The result is a list whose relevance is mainly based on the name of the place.

This does not mean that Google always places the best at the top, but this ranking is also fed by other factors.

Some people therefore start asking around in their circle of friends or at work. Then people come and say that they know a highly competent physio who helped them so well. However, such recommendations are problematic. We humans have the characteristic to confuse sympathy and charisma with competence. Above all, laypeople are absolutely unable to judge whether a medical professional is really doing a good job. They simply orientate themselves by the fact that he or she has "put" their shoulder, back or knee back and always smiled so friendly. Sometimes that can be luck. But sometimes it can also be the fact that the person knows his or her shoulders or knee well, but is a total failure in other respects. It's a bit like us with the old sagas. They have a true core, but they are also 100% wrong. But as a first indication they are OK.

The next step is for patients to take a look at rating portals like Jameda. where people write reviews about doctors. But here, too, unfriendly but competent doctors tend to do worse. Dr. House would fail relentlessly here. But on the whole, they can be seen as an additional sign of a quality physiotherapist. On the website of this provider, for example, the good values of Jameda are advertised very honestly:

So the net around the top therapist of the city is getting tighter and tighter ;-)

Another option is to look at the ratings at Google-Places. This tool is often hardly noticed. However, it plays a very important role in local search in terms of SEO. Clever providers explicitly motivate their customers to leave a rating. The search engine then takes this as an indication of special quality. Fakes are exposed by Google in the background. Using the mobile phone data, they know immediately who is rating a place without ever having been there.

With these methods in combination, you will at least significantly increase the likelihood of getting in touch with the right experts among doctors and therapists in the future.