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Printed promotional items are more up-to-date than ever

January 14, 2020
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In times of Instagram, Facebook and other social media, one might think that classical forms of advertising are antiquated and no longer up to date. However, this is a misconception, because the figures of the industry that deals with the production of promotional items speak a different language. The ruble continues to roll. How can that be? Why are giveaways and other promotional gifts still so effective despite digitalization?

When do classic promotional items work best?

There are companies whose products have cult status: cars, fashion, food - there are stars and starlets in many areas. In such industries, emotions play an important role. So it's no wonder that on the Facebook pages of Apple, BMW, Gucci etc. hundreds of thousands of fans are happy about every news. However, not the whole economy consists of such companies with star potential. Certainly 90% of the companies are suppliers to industries whose products are used where no consumer sees them. For example, how much fan potential does a manufacturer who supplies heat-resistant cables for an air conditioning system have? Then there are the many small entrepreneurs, such as tax consultants, plumbers, roofers, exterminators, etc. For them, most social media advertising channels are completely ineffective.

In such industries small gifts still make a lot of sense. Printed giveaways are thus by no means from yesterday, but still an important part of the marketing mix.

Promotional gifts prove to be very effective in practice, especially if they are durable, offer the customer real added value and if they can be seen in the customer's field of vision as often as possible.

Which printed advertising novelties are the best?

Advertising is always about a mixture of emotion and memory. The optimal promotional item meets both criteria. On the one hand, the customer should remember that there is a company that has served him/her well. On the other hand, gifts that prove to be particularly practical generate positive emotions.

Experience shows that these gifts have proven to be particularly effective:

USB sticks are good because they are used very often. So the customer sees your logo every day and is happy that it gives him such a useful benefit.

The same applies to pens, coffee cups, mobile phone chargers or wall calendars. If you have them printed, there is a very high probability that the recipient will take a look at them every day. And if at some point there is a demand for your products or services, chances are that the advertising material will remind them who to call.

Whatever gives a lot of pleasure are sweets or wellness & cosmetic products. They are especially popular during the Christmas season, when people are especially happy that someone "out there" has thought of them. Such emotions strengthen mutual trust and improve future cooperation.