Systematically earn money with gambling - is that possible?

March 16, 2020

Online casinos and online sports betting is a nice pastime for many. To play poker against a machine is uninteresting. But as soon as other people come into play, it becomes really exciting. It is the same with bets on football or other sports. If you hold a lottery ticket in your hand, you will feverishly follow every game as if it were the best ever. But what are the chances of making money in this area? Some people say they have a system for roulette, others are good at poker and still others know a lot about sports. Is it possible to be systematic here?

Before you think about whether you play, a word about where you play. In the area of online gambling there are legal regulations in this country. Please always observe these very carefully before you decide to become active here for real money. Experience has shown that there are many black sheep in the industry. Providers from Asia and Africa allow customers to deposit money and do not give it out. It can go that fast. So please make sure that they are reputable providers like EagleBet. You can tell by the fact that there are different, trustworthy methods of payment: Visa, Giropay, Trustly, Paysafecard, etc.

It is also very useful to have an account with a provider that offers everything under one roof: Sportsbook, Casino and Poker. Then you don't have to manage dozens of accounts and keep track of your finances in several places.

Earn money with sports betting

Michel Monka has made a name for himself in Germany as a kind of sports betting hacker. He is a doctor of mathematics and works at the University of Bochum. He became known on after an article about his system was published.

The way it works is that he always focuses on features where certain variables are easy to read. He never bets on victory or defeat. He looks at things like whether the team with the strongest offense will score against the team with the worst defense. Then he places a single bet on whether there will be more than two goals, and so on. Because the odds are higher there, which ensures a good return in the long run.

Casino Games

Classics in this area are games like roulette or slot machines. They work with probabilities. Your chances of winning are therefore without exception determined by stochastics. In the long run you can't do anything here. Gambling addicts are driven mad by them because their brain cannot live with the fact that they cannot get this system under control. They think they'll find a system eventually. But you never will. Play these things just for fun and excitement. Never for the sake of getting rich.

Card games

In Blackjack, there would theoretically be a chance, but not since casinos have been using card shufflers. In poker, however, it has been found that using probability calculus, there are certainly winning chances that you can make money with relatively certainty. You simply have to remember the corresponding number tables, and then use this knowledge in the game against others.