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Why you should use a craftsman portal

June 17, 2019 - Reading time: 3 minutes
Why you should use a craftsman portal

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Why it makes sense to use a craftsman portal

As a real estate owner, you are often faced with the necessity of consulting a craftsman. If you are lucky, you already have a competent person at hand who comes to work. You can trust him because he keeps his appointments and works properly.

With me it is however in such a way that I accomplish many work and need therefore only rarely a craftsman. When I need one, the craftsman has either died, moved or given up his business for reasons of age.

Then it's time to find one again. Especially in times of the building boom it is very difficult to find someone. For example, I was looking for someone to install my blinds. Not much work, a few screws and acrylic are enough. I picked out three craftsmen from the telephone book and wanted to make appointments. None of them had the necessity to come by at all. In the end, I did it myself.

A craftsman portal, for example for painters in Lucerne, Switzerland, helps you to find the right painter.

How do you use a painter portal?

That's easy. First you make a request with the details and the task to be done. The offers are provided by the portal and you compare them. Then you decide on one. This does not always have to be the most favourable, it can be quite reasons for a somewhat more expensive one (good evaluation of the craftsman).

The order can also be completed via the portal. It belongs to the good tone to evaluate finally the order after completion, so that other users can profit from it.

The advantages of searching for a painter online via a portal

cut costs

Since you will receive several offers from different providers, you can choose the cheapest one. The service described, i.e. what you would like to have done as work, is presented to all providers. They will then try to undercut each other. And you profit from the favourable price.


The painters have already been commissioned by other users. Through their evaluations and experiences with the painter you know that only the reliable and clean working ones will prevail. You can identify this quickly and easily with good ratings.

Time saving

Instead of calling individual painters and telling them each time what you need, you place the order only once in the portal. This saves time. You can also use the portal to organize your offers.


Like I said, I'm someone who does most of the work at home on my own. But if I need someone, then I use online portals to make me offers. This saves me time and money and I can take care of more important things than calling dozens of craftsmen and getting offers.

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